DaimlerChrysler Commercial Buses North America Highlights “New For 2007” Features at the 2007 United Motorcoach Expo
New Orleans/Ulm
Jan 17, 2007
  • 500th S 417 motorcoach built for North American market
  • First S 417 in North America with optional ZF Transmission
  • First S 417 in North America with integral rear window
DaimlerChrysler Commercial Buses North America (DCCBNA) showcases the benchmark in luxury motorcoach travel with its display of two Setra S 417 coaches and one Dodge Sprinter shuttle bus at the United Motorcoach Association (UMA) Expo in New Orleans, La. on January 18 – 20. With the theme of “Experience Success,” DCCBNA presents the motorcoach market with a number of new innovations, which underscores DaimlerChrysler’s leadership in motorcoach luxury, technology, and customer support.
One of the Setra S 417 on display at UMA marks the 500th vehicle manufactured for the North American market. Innovative luxury being the focus in this vehicle, optional equipment includes the TopSky glass roof — a Setra exclusive; exclusive leather seating that accommodates 48 passengers; a fully-appointed, wood-trimmed galley that includes a cappuccino machine and integrated refrigerator; and enclosed overhead parcel racks. Besides the unique skyward view, passengers are entertained with a multi-channel audio and video system that includes five standard 15-inch LCD video monitors; scenic view camera providing a bird’s eye view that is displayed on the video monitors; and the Setra exclusive “driver’s cam” that broadcasts the driver to the video monitors while public announcements are made.
“Our Setra brand is the benchmark in luxury motorcoach travel, said Tom Chezem, vice president of new motorcoach sales for DaimlerChrysler Commercial Buses North America. “Customers expect the latest innovations from DaimlerChrysler and this year’s Setra motorcoach models on display won’t be any different.”
The second Setra S 417 will display many new innovative features including a new integral rear window option that provides a more opened environment in the rear of the cabin. Additional new features include automatic retracting seatbacks and footrests, which provide ease of servicing the motorcoach after a trip. This vehicle will also showcase the new Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine that complies with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2007 diesel-emissions standards. The optional 12-speed ZF-AS Tronic Transmission is also installed on this motorcoach.
“DaimlerChrysler engineers have been working with our sister company Detroit Diesel in the engineering, testing, and now manufacturing of motorcoaches with the new 2007 engines,” said Paul Conover, director of product support for DaimlerChrysler Commercial Buses North America. “Our extensive testing protocol is on track to ensure quality and reliability, and we are ready for the Series 60 engines to be installed in our vehicles in 2007.”
“Setra is the recognized worldwide brand that represents luxury and innovative firsts,” said Patrick Scully, chief commercial officer for DaimlerChrysler Commercial Buses. “Our product development team has followed our market from day one and is unveiling features that are important to the North American operator, driver, and passenger. Our ongoing improvements underscore our continual commitment to our customers and market.”
The following are more innovations that are also available as options on 2007 Setra S 417 motorcoaches and will be displayed in the two vehicles during the UMA Expo:
ZF-AS Tronic Transmission:
Another optional innovative feature is the automated manual ZF-AS Tronic twelve-speed transmission. Best suited for higher speed applications, this transmission adapts to the style of the driver and traffic situation thus providing smoother shifting and greater passenger comfort. The AS-Tronic joystick allows the driver the ability to operate the transmission in an automatic or manual mode, without the driver having to use a clutch. The Setra S 417 offers as standard a retarder with the ZF-AS Tronic system.
Fire Detection System:
Standard on all 2007 Setra S 417s coaches, this feature detects increased operating temperatures with EPA 2007 engines for improved driver awareness and passenger confidence and safety
Tire Monitoring:
For improved operational performance and passenger safety, this optional feature from SmarTire™, provides real time date on tire pressure and temperature that improves fuel economy, reduces tire wear, and most importantly notification to the driver about potential tire problems.
Blaupunkt Stereo Professional Line II:
Standard on all 2007 Setra S 417s, this easier-to-use motorcoach stereo system integrates the DVD player so that movies can be played directly from the driver’s console.
Destination Sign:
The enhanced optional TopTravel destination sign is mounted to the right side front window, which provides vital information to passengers waiting curbside. The LCD destination sign system shows several lines of text and is easily removable for use on other motorcoaches within the fleet.
Passive-Steer Tag Axle:
Standard on all 2007 models is the newly developed passive-steer tag axle that incorporates independent suspension. The new independent suspension for the Setra S 417 makes for extremely smoother handling and reduced vibrations that provide increased comfort passengers.
Both Setra S 417 motorcoaches and Dodge Sprinter shuttle bus will be on display in booth 553 during UMA. For more information about these innovative features for 2007, please visit our Web site www.dcbusna.com or call 800.882.8054.
DaimlerChrysler Commercial Buses North America (DCCBNA), headquartered in Greensboro, N.C., combines three trusted commercial bus brands under one corporate structure: Orion transit buses, Setra motorcoaches, and the Dodge Sprinter shuttle bus. Backed by the advanced technological expertise and financial strength of its parent DaimlerChrysler, the global leader in commercial vehicles, the division provides the commercial bus market with a powerful combination of product knowledge, resources, and service/support systems.
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