Press Kit: "Setra TopClass Family" driving presentation
Apr 10, 2008
Unique in the bus and coach sector
  • Setra 3D bus and coach designer provides virtual camera tours
  • Exterior and interior design presented in three dimensions
Setra can now offer bus and coach operators even better advice with its unrivalled cutting-edge computer technology, all thanks to the new 3D bus and coach designer in the Neu-Ulm Setra Customer Centre.
A visually attractive vehicle will inevitably catch the passengers' eye and at the same time help boost the operator's bottom line. And so design advice becomes a decisive factor in selecting a new vehicle. Equipment specialists from the Neu-Ulm Setra Design Centre have been better equipped to meet these exacting customer requirements since the start of the year thanks to the new 3D bus and coach designer.
Whether it's selecting the base colour for the bodywork, the mirror housings or the wheel trim, or whether the customer has to decide on the colours for the seat covers, curtain fabrics, seat platforms, luggage racks or the side wall panelling: the Neu-Ulm Setra Design Centre takes the drudgery out of the decision-making pro­cess. Bus and coach operators can see virtually instantly what their new vehicle will look like on two 60" monitors and get a 3D feel for their vehicle while still at the consulting stage. This is made possible thanks to state-of-the-art technology developed specifically for the design specialists. The designers have eight million graphics elements at their disposal to illustrate every last corner of the vehicle in three dimensions, all based on the customer's very own requirements.
The simulated camera tours in and around the coach are modelled on an S 416 HDH I in the new TopClass 400 range and a ComfortClass 400 S 415 GT-HD. Both have been implemented using CAD data from the development unit specially for the Setra-specific 3D bus and coach designer.
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