Press Kit: "Setra TopClass Family" driving presentation
Apr 10, 2008
The S 431 DT - the top-of-the-range TopClass 400
  • Increased passenger capacity and longer maintenance intervals
  • 500th double-deck touring coach already delivered
The S 431 DT is the "flagship" Setra TopClass 400, which was unveiled at the Hanover IAA Commercial Vehicle Show 2002. The double-deck touring coach, which is 13.89 metres long and four metres high, is the top-of-the-range model in the Setra touring coach line-up.
The S 431 DT has been completely redesigned and now provides a far more econo­mical solution than its predecessor, the S 328 DT. This is thanks to the exterior width of 2.55 metres, the increased passenger capacity with up to four more seats than comparable competing products, the longer maintenance intervals and the larger 8.4 m³ luggage compartments. Four stowage compartments with a volume of 0.8 m³ have been accommodated under the platforms between the front and rear axle for the first time - creating an additional 2.5-m³ payload volume (incl. driver's rest area).
Various aspects of active and passive safety have been redesigned and improved. New features include the transverse-oriented bodyshell with its construction featuring reinforcements stretching across the roof and down the sides, ensuring higher torsional stiffness and, in turn, better directional stability for the vehicle. The 50-mm extra width also promotes stable handling and contributes to overall safety of the vehicle and passengers.
The design with its progressive "La Linea" aluminium styling and rising flanks adds a visible sign of dynamism and stretches the vehicle body. The interior, too, creates an all-round feeling of spaciousness thanks to the extra 65-mm width compared with the outgoing model and the increased height. The S 431 DT slots in harmoniously with the TopClass 400 design idiom courtesy of its coherent design statements both inside and out.
The double-deck touring coach is fitted with the Mercedes-Benz OM 502 LA engine developing 370 kW (503 hp) and the ZF-AS Tronic automated 12-speed trans­mission. The coach already meets Euro 5 emissions standards.
Last year saw the delivery of the 500th double-deck touring coach. This vehicle has been providing sterling service throughout Europe with the Luxembourg-based operator "Voyages Demy Cars" since December 2007.
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