Blanket coverage: The sales and service network for the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL
Feb 22, 2012
  • 30 service outlets attending to the Vito E-CELL
  • Fully integrated in the standard and diagnostic processes
  • Staff qualified up to the level of specialist for high-voltage systems
  • Servicing proves particularly economical
Stuttgart – From Eutin in the north to Munich in the south, from Duisburg in the west to Dresden in the east – more than 30 branches and trade partners of Daimler AG are now operating as sales and service outlets for the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-CELL. This ensures virtually blanket availability throughout Germany for the first van to be supplied with a standard-fit electric drive ex-factory.
30 service outlets attending to the Vito E-CELL
Excellent services matched by excellent engineering – Mercedes-Benz's unforgotten guiding principle acquires special importance in the context of the Vito E-CELL's new, revolutionary drive technology. It goes without saying that comprehensive services are available to the pioneers of this new drive technology. The Vito E-CELL is being marketed through 33 branches and partners of Daimler AG. Services are available from 30 branches and partners.
The Vito E-CELL is integrated just like any other Vito in the standard processes, such as the customary Star Diagnosis system. This means that any workshop can qualify for the Vito E-CELL. First and foremost, this involves in-depth personnel training, as only electrics specialists are permitted to work on vehicles with high-voltage systems. The qualification process comprises various levels, culminating in qualification as a specialist for high-voltage systems in vehicles. As for any Mercedes-Benz vehicle, specific replacement parts for the Vito E-CELL are available from the company's Central Supply Depot in Germersheim.
Servicing proves particularly economical
The Vito E-CELL is particularly undemanding and economical on the maintenance front, requiring servicing only once annually or every 20,000 km. In addition to the customary checks for correct functioning and possible leakages, in the course of servicing the mechanics also examine all high-voltage components and cabling. The costs of servicing are low, as no oil or oil filters require to be changed on the electric van.
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