Daimler AG supports the world's first virtual climate conference - "Climate 2008"
Stuttgart / Hamburg
Oct 31, 2008
  • CO2-neutral event via the Internet
  • First global climate conference involving the public
  • Daimler as a partner with its own discussion forums and live-chat on the subject of sustainable mobility
With the "Climate 2008" the College of Applied Sciences in Hamburg is starting the world's first virtual climate conference "Climate 2008" at www.climate2008.net on 3 November. Daimler is supporting this event with its own discussion forums and a live-chat on the subject of sustainable mobility. "As an innovative company we are well aware of our responsibility for climate protection. We therefore design our products and production processes to be as environmentally compatible as possible, but we also want to encourage an objective debate on the causes and effects of climate change", says Prof. Herbert Kohler, Chief Environmental Officer of Daimler AG. "Accordingly we are supporting "Climate 2008", an interesting media approach and the first Internet-based climate conference to make climate research accessible to the wider public for discussion with experts."
Daimler's strategy for sustainable mobility
Daimler AG has consolidated all its activities aimed at conserving resources and minimising emissions into a strategy called "Roadmap for sustainable mobility". This includes optimising our vehicles with the very latest internal combustion engines, achieving further efficiency improvements with appropriate hybridisation and realising emission-free drive systems with fuel cells and battery-powered vehicles.
For Daimler AG, environmental and climate protection means more than reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Instead the company takes the environmental compatibility of a vehicle into consideration throughout its entire lifecycle. To this end a comprehensive approach to environmentally compatible product development has been developed with the theme of "Design for Environment". The purpose of "Design for Environment" is to comprehensively lessen the environmental effects by making the vehicles as clean and efficient as possible right from their development, during their production and use, and finally when it comes to their disposal and recycling.
To meet the manifold mobility requirements of tomorrow, Daimler of intelligent, modular drive technologies that can be used individually or combined, depending on the vehicle class, operating profile and customer preferences. Daimler also strongly supports the use of clean alternative fuels such as "SunDiesel", a second-generation biofuel obtained from waste vegetable products that is therefore not in competition with the production of foodstuffs and animal feeds.
"Climate 2008"
"There are many conferences on climate change - Climate 2008 is different!". This is the motto under which the organisers have scheduled a conference in which anybody interested can ask questions and be assured of an answer. In addition to more than 100 purely scientific contributions, Klima 2008 is therefore using "Web 2.0" technology to reach a worldwide public with discussion forums, 30-minute live-chats and podcasts. The patrons of this project, which UNESCO has included in the UN "Decade of Education for Sustainable Development" programme, are the Federal German Education and Research Minister Annette Schavan, the Director of the UN environmental programme Achim Steiner and Prince Albert of Monaco II.
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