Daimler’s diverse involvement at the fourth St Moritz Art Masters
Stuttgart/St. Moritz
Aug 26, 2011
  • Maybach exhibition official part of the “Walk of Art”
  • Exhibition of artworks of the emerging artist and Julian Schnabel protégé Vahakn Arslanian
  • Exhibition of the Maybach Guard Car “The Ones You Didn’t Write” by Julian Schnabel
  • Exclusive Mercedes-Benz shuttle service and test drives with AMG models
Stuttgart/St Moritz – As in previous years, Daimler AG is again set to be represented at this year’s St Moritz Art Masters (SAM) with the brands Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and AMG. The occasion will mark the fourth time that the Stuttgart-based automotive manufacturer has demonstrated its commitment to the festival for avant-garde contemporary art, which is scheduled to take place from 26 August to 4 September 2011 in St Moritz and in the surrounding Oberengadin region. The company’s many years of dedication to the event is set to receive particular recognition this year: for the first time, a Maybach exhibition will form an official part of the event’s “Walk of Art”. The luxury automobile brand is expected to exhibit works of emerging artist Vahakn Arslanian, a protégé of Julian Schnabel, through the mentoring programme of the Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation, in the “Église au bois” church in St Moritz Bad.
Maybach will also present Schnabel’s artwork, “The Ones You Didn’t Write”, an expressively designed Maybach Guard Car.
Vahakn Arslanian’s first exhibition at the St Moritz Art Masters
The event will mark the first time that the Belgian-born, New-York-raised artist Vahakn Arslanian, aged 36, will present his work to a large international public. In addition to a series of altarpieces, the budding artist’s impressively designed aircraft windowpanes and vehicle windows of the Maybach Guard will be exhibited in the “Église au bois” church. Vahakn Arslanian on his exhibition: “I am very excited about the St.Moritz show. I like the idea of displaying my art in a beautiful and ancient church.” In order to create an effective setting for the exhibits, the works will be presented in an aircraft and vehicle shell fabricated by the artist himself. The attraction is designed to offer viewers an unmanipulated and direct view of Arslanian’s striking artwork.
To accompany Arslanian’s exhibition, the Maybach Guard Car “The Ones You Didn’t Write” will be on display neath of the church throughout the entire St Moritz Art Masters event, painted in red nail varnish by Julian Schnabel. This lyrical artwork, a collaboration of Julian Schnabel and his protégé Arslanian as part of the current Maybach mentoring programme, demonstrates the kinship and affinity of the two artists. Through their art, they seek to break up the ruling order of aesthetics and establish an entirely new way of seeing. The Maybach Guard Car marked its world premiere in April at the Art Biennale in Venice.
The works of the self-taught artist Vahakn Arslanian have been showcased in many group and solo exhibitions, including in the Andrew Eldin Gallery and the Maccarone Gallery in New York, and also in the Scream Gallery in London. The artist’s latest works include “Mr. Big Ben”, a collection of drawings on layered paper collages depicting objects such as birds, candles, subways and aircraft, bordered in old window frames with brazed glass shards.
Mercedes-Benz Cars Night all in the name of art
The exclusive Mercedes-Benz Cars Night is the traditional social highpoint of Daimler’s involvement. The event takes place at the close of the St Moritz Art Masters on 3 September 2011 in the cult location of “el paradiso”, 2181 metres above sea level. Vahakn Arslanian and Ulrich Schmid-Maybach, founder of the Maybach Foundation, will also be in attendance at both this event and throughout the entire St Moritz Art Masters. The way to the “el paradiso” is to be redesigned as the “Maybach Art Walk” especially for this event. Various stations will illustrate Maybach’s many years of dedication to the arts, from the “World Trade Center” photo project and the works of emerging artist and protégé of David LaChapelle, Garret Suhrie, and Julian Schnabel’s protégé Vahakn Arslanian, to the current cooperation with Julian Schnabel. Activities in the context of the mentoring programme of the Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation will be visualised using films, quotations, and artworks.
Exclusive driving experiences from Mercedes-Benz and AMG
To accompany the art exhibitions, a selection of modern vehicles will also give presence to the automotive brands Mercedes-Benz and AMG. As in previous years, AMG will again be offering test drives through the mountain landscapes of the Engadin under the motto “Driving Performance”. The starting location will be the AMG lounge
in the car park of the Hotel Schweizerhof. An exclusive shuttle service for the many international guests and art enthusiasts with the Mercedes-Benz S 400 hybrid models will round off the presence of the German car manufacturer.
About the Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation
To many people, the Maybach name is synonymous with elegance and is a byword for a high-end automobile. However, the Maybach family name is also synonymous with social commitment and responsibility. Young persons in particular from disadvantaged families or in difficult circumstances are the intended target group of the Maybach Foundation for opportunities to work with mentors of international renown. The history of the Maybach family illustrates the influence a mentor can have on the life of his or her protégé: Wilhelm Maybach was discovered and fostered as an orphan by Gottlieb Daimler, and together they made a huge contribution to the automotive industry.
In remembrance of his great-grandfather and his exceptional legacy,
Maybach’s great-grandson, Ulrich Schmid-Maybach, founded the Wilhelm & Karl Maybach Foundation in the USA in October 2006. The Foundation has also been represented in Europe since autumn 2008, in efforts to develop and promote European projects together with the Maybach brand.
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