Press Kit: Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard
Oct 16, 2006
S-Class with factory-integrated special protection: Safety of the very highest calibre
  • Highest safety level exceeds requirements stipulated by Euro standard
  • State-of-the-art twelve-cylinder powerplant developing 380 kW/517 hp
  • Ride comfort and handling qualities practically on a par with those of the standard-production model
Launched in October 2006, the new S 600 Guard based on the S-Class with long wheelbase (3165 mm) is the flagship model in the Mercedes-Benz Guard range. An output of 380 kW/517 hp and a peak torque of 830 Nm ensure powerful, effortlessly superior propulsion, so the extra weight of around 1400 kg is scarcely noticeable in everyday life, as well as allowing the vehicle to escape from dangerous situations extremely quickly should the need arise.
The interior space concept, which offers all four passengers first-class luxury, the outstanding ride comfort and the effortlessly superior handling – all hallmarks of the standard-production version of the new S-Class – remain virtually unaffected. Generously dimensioned chassis components and brakes lend the Mercedes-Benz S-Guard Saloon handling qualities that are almost on a par with those of the series-production model and provide the driver with an optimal driving feel at all times. Plus the chassis has been designed so as not to impair the exceptional level of comfort that Mercedes cars are renowned for.
Fully-enclosed protective cage
Thanks to its factory-integrated protective components made of high-alloyed special steels and bulletproof glass, which form a protective shell all the way around the passenger cell, the new top-of-the-range Mercedes-Benz Guard model provides a unique level of protection against attacks and threats posed by violent crime. The armour resists military-standard small-arms projectiles and therefore meets the requirements of the Euro standard for resistance levels B6/B7. Furthermore, when attacked with explosives or hand grenades, the S 600 Guard meets additional requirements that are not even stipulated by any standard, as tested and certified by public and independent organisations.
Chassis modified to take the extra strain
The Mercedes engineers completely redesigned the chassis to cope with the extra weight of the protective elements, focussing on the following areas:
  • Reinforcement of the links between the chassis components and the bodyshell
  • Specifically targeted modification of the chassis components themselves
  • An additional steel spring on the rear axle to support the air suspension
  • Larger twin-calliper front brake discs, for outstanding deceleration whenever required
  • Run-flat wheels developed by Michelin (PAX), featuring an inner supporting ring on a special wheel rim and offering outstanding run-flat properties even when the tyres are completely deflated
Even the electronic control systems such as ESP® have been completely redesigned by the chassis specialists and adapted in line with the changed requirements and extra weight. This is especially important in terms of offering the S-Guard driver effective assistance in emergency situations. In addition, the S 600 Guard is fitted with the full complement of airbags and a fully-fledged version of the unique PRE-SAFE® anticipatory occupant protection system.
Fully equipped for emergencies
The special-protection equipment package for the new S 600 Guard also incorporates the following features (selected examples):
  • An emergency fresh-air system (optional) which effectively counteracts dangerous gaseous substances. Sensors detect smoke or tear gas, whereupon the air-conditioning system automatically blocks the supply of fresh air from outside. In addition, fresh air from an on-board compressed-air cylinder creates a slight overpressure in the interior so that even the finest of gases and substances have immense difficulty penetrating the passenger compartment. The driver can also activate the emergency fresh-air system manually as a precaution
  • A fire-extinguishing system with twelve nozzles and two cylinders of extinguishing agent. Triggered either by heat sensors or manually
  • A pneumatic emergency control system for the power windows, which operates independently of the on-board electronics
  • An emergency boot opening facility which allows occupants to free themselves from the boot of the car by means of a switch located on the inside of the boot lid
  • A special-protection fuel tank that reseals itself if perforated by projectiles
  • An optional Panic Alarm System which can be activated from anywhere in the vehicle. It locks the doors to create a protected zone and alerts the outside world by means of visual and audible alarm signals. It also allows communication with the outside world via an intercom
  • A rear camera which monitors the area behind the vehicle
  • A heated front windscreen and heated front windows, and this despite the use of special glass
  • An infinitely adjustable doorhold system for all four doors
  • Rear doors that are pulled shut automatically over the last few millimetres
  • Electric roller blinds in the rear replace the previously fitted curtains so as to be less conspicuous when driving in traffic
All the innovations of the new S-Class
Naturally, the Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard is equipped with the same technical innovations that make the flagship Mercedes S-Class the number-one trailblazer in passenger car development and the world's best-selling luxury saloon. These include important new developments such as Brake Assist PLUS and the new PRE-SAFE® brake in conjunction with DISTRONIC PLUS, complete with radar sensors, night view assist and the enhanced PRE-SAFE® anticipatory occupant protection system.
The Brake Assist PLUS (BAS PLUS) radar sensors detect other vehicles in front of the car. If the S-Guard gets too close to the vehicle ahead or approaches it too quickly, the system warns the driver. If there is a risk of a collision, it instantaneously calculates the optimal braking power required and makes this available immediately as soon as the driver starts braking, even if the brake pedal is not pressed hard enough. The unique PRE-SAFE® brake – a world first – supplements Brake Assist PLUS (BAS PLUS) and goes one step further still by braking the car automatically with around 40 percent of the maximum braking power if there is a serious accident risk. This substantially reduces the number of head-to-tail collisions and the risk of occupant injuries.
Mercedes-Benz combines Brake Assist PLUS and the PRE-SAFE® brake with the equally unique PRE-SAFE® occupant protection system which offers even more safety functions in the new S-Class. PRE-SAFE® identifies situations which might turn into accidents: if the deceleration rate exceeds a set level or if there is a risk of skidding, the system tensions the front seat belts as a precaution and inflates air cushions in the multicontour seats to provide support and hold the driver, front passenger and rear passengers firmly in place.
New assistance system for stop-and-go traffic
Brake Assist PLUS can be specified in conjunction with another modified system in the shape of DISTRONIC proximity control. In stop-and-go traffic, this radar-based system maintains the desired distance between the car and the vehicle in front, automatically decelerates the Saloon at a rate of up to four m/s2 – to a complete standstill if necessary – and then accelerates the car back up to the speed programmed in by the driver.
Brake Assist PLUS, the PRE-SAFE® brake and DISTRONIC PLUS are also supplemented by a new radar-based Parking Assist system which warns of an impending collision in plenty of time when the car is reversing.
Infrared headlamps for enhanced safety in the dark
The new Mercedes-Benz night view assist system further helps to reduce the risk of accidents in the dark. The system is based on infrared light which is invisible to the human eye and therefore does not dazzle oncoming traffic. Two infrared headlamps illuminate the road ahead and extend the driver's range of vision considerably when dipped beam is switched on. An infrared camera on the inside of the windscreen records the reflected image of the road and projects it onto the instrument cluster display.
Control concept with COMAND controller and hotkeys
The control concept has been further enhanced. Key features include special hotkey-type buttons which provide fast access to frequently used functions. Depending on his or her preferences, the driver can operate the radio, TV receiver, CD/DVD changer, car phone and navigation system using conventional switches, via buttons on the multifunctional steering wheel or with the help of the enhanced COMAND system.
The Cockpit Management and Data System - COMAND for short – features a new design and now offers even more options. The central operating unit is the new COMAND controller on the transmission tunnel, which can be used to select the main menus and submenus as well as activate the functions. The telephone keypad is concealed beneath the handrest lid.
The large, swivelling COMAND colour display is positioned at the same height as the instrument cluster and is therefore even better placed within the driver's and front passenger's field of vision. COMAND includes a car radio, a CD/DVD player and a slot for PC memory cards (PCMCIA cards) as standard. As an option, Mercedes-Benz can equip COMAND with a hard-disc-based navigation system which enables even faster route calculation than before.
Enhanced multicontour seats and a relaxing back massage
Mercedes customers can tailor the newly developed seats for the S-Class to their individual comfort needs. Twelve-way power-adjustable front seats with lumbar supports are specified as standard, whilst optional extras include heated and actively ventilated luxury seats, multicontour seats (front and rear) or dynamic multicontour seats (front).
Individualisation options for even the most unusual customer requests
Each Mercedes-Benz S 600 Guard displays its own unique brand of styling thanks to an extensive range of appointments similar to that available for the standard-production S-Class, including a choice of paint finishes, leather upholstery and wood trims. There is just the one constraint: none of the appointments are allowed to impair the level of occupant protection. The designo range is also available to give the S 600 Guard an even more personal touch. Plus the interior can be fully tailored to the most specific of requirements, enabling the creation of a relaxed and comfortable environment in which the owner can work on the move or simply sit back and enjoy the ride.
Uncomplicated service and comprehensive support
It goes without saying that all Mercedes-Benz Guard Saloons can be serviced or repaired at any Mercedes-Benz service outlet – a key component of our comprehensive, uncomplicated, high-level service concept.
Service also includes one-to-one assistance and support for those looking to purchase a Mercedes-Benz Guard vehicle. As well as giving buyers tailored advice and a detailed explanation of the vehicle and its functions, we offer intensive chauffeur training so that S-Guard drivers can get to know the vehicle inside out. Topics covered by these courses for the chauffeur elite include the right response when faced with threats, lessons in driving physics and active training sessions in which drivers learn how to master control of the heavier car in tricky situations.
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