The new V-Class: The Mercedes among MPVs
Jan 30, 2014
Infotainment programme: Unique selection that caters to every need
The new V-Class comes with a choice of three infotainment systems, offering a bespoke state-of-the-art solution for all budgets and requirements. At the top of the range are the optional COMAND Online fully integrated multimedia system and the Burmester® surround sound system. With these, the V-Class raises the bar in its segment in terms of navigation, internet use and listening pleasure.
The latest generation of COMAND Online has fast 80-gigabyte hard-disc navigation, a DVD player, internet access and numerous additional functions. It features an improved photo-realistic map display, relaying of traffic data in real time, useful apps and an additional Bluetooth® profile allowing internet access using an iPhone®, for example. It is operated with the innovative touchpad, the COMAND Controller or LINGUATRONIC voice-operated control.
Real-time traffic reports and easy internet use
In conjunction with COMAND Online the latest traffic information is transmitted to the vehicle in real time by Mercedes-Benz Live Traffic Information. Thanks to a special communications module, which ensures permanent connectivity to the cloud, the driver of the V-Class receives early information about problems such as tailbacks, increased traffic volumes or other possible delays along the route, allowing them to adjust their route planning in good time. The COMAND navigation system can show the beginning and length of a tailback on a map to within 100 metres of the exact position and compute an improved dynamic route with shorter travel times. The potential loss of time is taken into account automatically in real time for the arrival time displayed by the COMAND Online navigation.
Internet access via COMAND Online provides substantial added benefit: customers can either browse freely when the vehicle is stationary or call up a Mercedes-Benz app with pages that load extremely quickly and are also easy to use while driving. The integrated apps include Google™ Local Search and weather as well as the option of downloading a route previously configured on the PC using Google™ Maps and sent to the vehicle. Apps for Google™ Street View and Google™ Panoramio also are available. With Street View, places all over the world can be viewed from a 360-degree perspective and at street level. Panoramio provides access to millions of photos taken at places around the globe by other users and made available by them. Street View and Panoramio enable users to gather comprehensive information about destinations and points of interest before the journey begins. With the News app, news from politics, business and technology can be obtained online in the vehicle. The news is displayed in a way that makes it particularly easy to read. Additional apps such as stock market news tickers or parking space finders can be activated by the Mercedes Online Shop (
3-D view and LINGUATRONIC for audio, telephone and navigation
The 3-D view with three-dimensional city models makes it easier to find one's bearings in unfamiliar city centres. The dynamic route guidance function HD-Traffic with real-time traffic information helps drivers steer clear of tailbacks in good time. Convenient for frequent travellers who often visit certain regions: driven routes can be recorded and retraced again later. Moreover, special personal destinations can be saved or imported via SD card, and four alternate routes can be displayed on the navigation map, one of them a particularly economical variation.
Mercedes-Benz customers in Europe receive the latest map updates for their COMAND Online system free of charge for three years: authorised Mercedes-Benz dealers will upload updates for navigation data in 39 European countries into the navigation system as part of a visit to the dealership. In Europe, as an optional extra COMAND Online also comprises Speed Limit Assist, which receives its information for traffic sign recognition via a camera and the navigation database.
Also on board if COMAND Online is specified is the LINGUATRONIC voice-operated control system for audio, telephone and navigation. The new "one shot" input function for the navigation system is particularly convenient, allowing the place and road to be spoken directly after one another. This function is currently available in seven languages and significantly enhances ease of operation. With COMAND Online and LINGUATRONIC, music can also be easily searched for using voice control. The system first asks in which category it should conduct the search (artist, title, year). The category is selected by saying it or by saying the row number of the relevant category which appears on the screen. This is then followed by further questions about title, artist or album. As additional option a 6-disc DVD changer is available.
Audio 20 USB and Audio 20 CD
There are two further audio systems to choose from in the shape of Audio 20 USB (standard) and Audio 20 CD (optional). Standard features of the entry-level Audio 20 USB radio include a twin tuner for interference-free reception and a universal interface for Bluetooth®, USB, AUX-in and SD cards. It allows mobile audio devices such as MP3 players or iPods® to be connected to the vehicle's telematics architecture.
There is a host of Bluetooth® functions as well: the mobile phone's directory can now be automatically transferred en bloc when connected, and wireless music reproduction is possible from Bluetooth®-capable devices. Text messages can also be shown, or emails read, on the central display; audio formats can be displayed, and even pictures viewed using Picture Viewer. The settings for the air conditioning system are also displayed on the telematics screen (when in use), as is the fuel consumption over the past 15 minutes.
The Audio 20 CD system also has an MP3-capable CD player. Thanks to the "Cover Art" function, the covers of the music albums currently being played are shown if their data are stored in the audio file. An upper line in the Audio 20 CD's menu navigation makes orientation easier and can be operated via the touchpad or the controller.
As an option, Audio 20 CD can be combined with the Burmester® surround sound system, Convenience Telephony in the centre console and digital radio (DAB). For the navigation system there is also an optional pre-installation package with GPS receiver, interlinked satellite navigation and aerials. The navigation software and the map data record are on an SD card which likewise is available as an optional extra. If no card is inserted, the GPS receiver can be used to support local Mercedes-Benz Apps services.
The optional navigation system can be operated by controller, touchpad or voice input. Navigation information always is displayed in full-screen format. Its advantages over aftermarket solutions include integrated operation via the central controls of the new V-Class, voice output via the vehicle's loudspeakers, display on the Audio 20 screen, and updates and enhancements via an internet portal.
Burmester® surround sound system for an exceptional listening experience
The optional Burmester® surround sound system offers music lovers an acoustic experience that is unparalleled in the MPV segment. Optimised for the vehicle, this sound system features 16 high-performance speakers including a bass reflex loudspeaker and a 10-channel DSP amplifier with a total output of 640 watts for first-class "Feelgood Sound".
The listening experience can be enhanced even further if desired. The surround function generates a virtual surround sound from a mono or stereo music signal to maximise the spatial effect. Genuine 5.1 multi-channel sources also can be reproduced. The Front/All/Rear function enables selectively optimising the sound for the two front seats, the rear seats, or for all seats. Thanks to highly advanced vehicle noise compensation (VNC) the sound quality is maintained despite driving noise, thus ensuring the best possible listening pleasure at all times – on the motorway or in city traffic. The systematic use of analogue crossovers in the medium and high frequency ranges ensures an extraordinarily expressive natural and spatial sound.
In combination with COMAND Online it is possible for the Burmester® surround sound system to support in-car communication: if need be, to improve communication a microphone in the overhead control panel transmits the conversations of the driver and front passenger to the rear loudspeakers so that the passengers sitting farther away also can hear them.
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